Studio Warner Brothers
Running Time 68 minutes
Production April - May 1930
Release 11th September 1930
Director Alan Crosland
Screenplay William J. Wells, Perrry Vekroff, Rex Taylor 
Conductor Louis Silvers
Major players

Gus - Al Jolson

Annabelle Bedford - Claudia Bell

Mrs Bedford - Louise Closser Hale

Jack Bedford - Lloyd Hughes 

Jolson Songs

Liza Lee

Little Sunshine

All God's Children Got Shoes

Go Down Moses

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Hooray for Baby and Me 

A remake of Jolson's 1925 Winter Garden show. 
Seeing Big Boy is the nearest a modern audience could come to experiencing Jolson at his greatest. (Michael Freedland)
The only film record of Jolson playing Gus his stock blackface character from his Winter Garden days Big Boy isn't a great film but Al definitely seems more comfortable in blackface. The fact he has the make-up on for most of the movie means this one hasn't been revived much if ever since its release, a pity.