Al Jolson (1886 - 1950)

"He was the greatest entertainer I've ever seen as far as audience contact, communication was concerned." (Bing Crosby)


"Jolson was the King. Once you seen him you were a subject for life." (Eddie Cantor)




"I worked for Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra. Neither one I have to tell you had the electricity Al did." (Conductor Gordon Jenkins)


"Jolson has been equalled by one man only - Frank Sinatra." (Jonie Taps Columbia Pictures executive)


"It was easy enough to make Jolson happy at home. You just had to cheer him for breakfast, applaud wildly for lunch and give him a standing ovation for dinner." (George Burns)


"And not only has the entertainment world lost its king but we cannot cry ,"The king is dead-long live the king!" for there is no one to hold his sceptre. Those who tarry behind are but pale imitations,mere princelings." (from George Jessel's eulogy at Jolson's funeral)

"I've got so much dough that fourteen guys couldn't spend it in their lifetimes. But I'd rather die than quit this business." (Jolson, c. 1925)


"I know it sounds corny but what I like to do is go home and play with my kids. Only I don't know how.



I'm a bigger success than I ever was. So now that I want to sit down and play I don't know how. It's what I want and don't wan't. I'm a ham, I guess.


I have to keep on singing. Even if its only in my bathroom." (Jolson, c.1948)