Studio Warner Brothers
Running Time 89 minutes
Production November 1934 - February 1935
Release 2nd May 1935
Director Archie Mayo
Music/Lyrics Harry Warren/Al Dubin
Screenplay Earl Baldwin
Choreographer Bobby Connolly
Conductor Leo F Forbstein
Major players

Al Howard - Al Jolson

Dorothy Wayne - Ruby Keeler

Molly Howard - Glenda Farrell

Luana Bell - Helen Morgan

The Duke - Barton Maclane

Irma - Patsy Kelly

Jolson Songs

Celito Lindo

Mammy I'll Sing About You

About a Quarter To Nine

Casino de Paree

She's A Latin from Manhattan

Go into Your Dance


It was apparently Jack Warner who suggested Al and Ruby work together in a film.


Jolson knew that About A Quarter To Nine was going to be the big hit of the picture. Harry Warren said that Al kept pestering Warren and Dubin to write an extra set of lyrics to the chorus so Jolson could cut himself in on the credit and the royalties.  

It has everything for the box office. (Variety)
Almost playing himself as an egocentric Broadway star Jolson turns in a great performance and the film is also helped by having the best score of any Jolson starring feature. I think this is my fave of the pre Jolson Story movies.