Studio 20th Century Fox
Running Time 97 minutes
Production Kol Nidre sequence - 6th July 1939
Release 13th October 1939
Director Irving Cummings
Producer Darryl Zanuck
Screenplay Ernest Pascal
Major players

Molly Adair - Alice Faye

Michael Linnett Connors - Don Ameche

Dave Springold - Edward Bromberg

Nicky Hayden - Alan Curtis

Pete Tinney - Stuart Irwin

Jolson Songs

Kol Nidre


Jolson played himself in a recreation of the Kol Nidre scene from The Jazz Singer (1927).


Surefire...should score heavily in theatres of evey type. (Variety)

In a fairly short but good cameo Jolson is a really minor player in this movie though he is the most entertaining thing about its second half in which it degenerates into melodrama. The first half has some entertaining restaging of early film comedy in this very fictionalised though thin veiled version of the story of the love affair between Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand.