20th March - 10th June 1911

11th - 16th September 1911

Tour 18th September - 4th November 1911
Al's songs 

He'd Have To Get Under

That Lovin Traumerei

Dat Lovin' Touch


Described as a jumble of jollity in 2 acts and 11 scenes.


The music was by Jerome Kern years before Showboat.


Jolson played Erastus Sparkler one of the eccentrics encountered by Bridgeeta McShane, a wealthy American widow in Paris.  


The Winter Garden is on the site of the old horse exchange. Judging by the smell of last night's show, things haven't changed much. (Unidentified writer, 21st March 1911)


Among the very best features were those provided by the two unctuous ragtime comedians, Miss Stella Mayhew and Mr Al Jolson, both of whom had good songs and the dialects and the acting ability to deliver every bit of good that was in them. (Adolph Klauber, New York Times)