One of the reasons I created this website was because Al isn't that well represented on the Internet for someone so important in entertainment history. In fact for someone who is the greatest influence in entertainment history.


Still the sites that do exist make up for it a bit in terms of quality.


Al Jolson Society Official Website


Without doubt the top site on Jolson on the Internet is sponsored by the International society dedicated to his memory and preserving his legacy.


The webmaster Marc Leavey provides comprehensive Jolson information both on the many aspects of his career and the real man behind the legend.


Each week a complete radio show is posted and in a nice touch they stay up for about 2 months. You can also listen to all the commercial recordings Al did in a specific month.


Other highlights include great audio tributes in the Legacy section and a great guide to Jolson CDs. You can also chat with other fans in the Jolson forum and of course there is all the information about joining the International Al Jolson Society.


The Immortal Jolson at the Museum of Family History


A quite recent and very welcome addition to Jolson websites is this tribute which is quite extensive and visually lavish with loads of fascinating photos.


Mike's Jolson Site


Another good site, Mike has a great page about Jolson's visits to the UK and loads of mp3 files of recordings and as with the Society site a weekly radio show.


Al Jolson Tribute


This wordpress blog is full of fascinating vintage articles about Al.


Jolson and Friends Blog


Another beautifully presented site which has recently majored on Al's role in pioneering the talkies.