Studio Warner Brothers
Running Time 84 minutes
Production September - October 1929
Release 26th March 1930
Director Michael Curtiz
Screenplay George Rigby, Joseph Jackson
Conductor Louis Silvers
Major players

Al Fuller - Al Jolson

Nora Meadows - Lois Moran

Al's mother - Louise Dresser

Westy - Lowell Sherman

Tonopah Red - Noah Beery

Mr Meadows - Hobart Bosworth

Jolson Songs

Knights of the Road 

Let Me Sing and I'm Happy

Who Paid the Rent for Mrs Rip Van Winkle ?

Yes We Have No Bananas

My Mammy

Looking At You 

The Call of the South

Why Do They All Take the Night Boat to Albany ?

To My Mammy


Mammy was based on a stage show Al had thought of doing in 1928 called Mr Bones about an end man in a minstrel show accused of murder. Both the story and songs were written by Irving Berlin. Some scenes were shot in two colour Technicolor and have recently been restored. 

Looks like money...a lively picture playing fast. (Variety)
Mammy is a well paced movie and the musical numbers are excellent particularly those in blackface. The film falls down in its plot which stretches credibility and Jolson's acting is decidedly shaky at times but this is still probably the most entertaining of Al's early movies.