Studio Warner Brothers
Running Time 139 minutes
Production Swanee sequence - December 1943
Release 27th June 1945
Director Irving Rapper
Producer Jesse Lasky
Screenplay Howard Koch, Elliott Paul
Choreographer Leroy Pronz
Conductor Leo F Forbstein
Major players

George Gershwin - Robert Alda

Juile Adams - Joan Leslie

Christine Gilbert - Alexis Smith

Max Dreyfus - Charles Coburn

Lee Gershwin - Julie Bishop

Ira Gershwin - Herbert Rudley 

Jolson Songs



Al played himself singing Swanee and presumably out of respect for Gershwin worked for free.


Director Irving Rapper recalled : "We never thought he'd make it. Jolson was so ill most of the time, we were afraid Jack Warner would just call it off. But he did - and how! For us making the picture it was really the highlight of it all." 


With no story at all this two hour concert of Gershwin music would be well worth the price of admission. (Daily Mail) 

Pretty useless as a film biography nevertheless the music saves this biopic of Gershwin and Jolson is as always a standout with his performance of Swanee.