Studio Warner Brothers
Running Time 89 minutes
Production March - April 1929
Release 6th August 1929
Director Lloyd Bacon
Screenplay Joseph Jackson
Conductor Louis Silvers
Major players

Joe Lane - Al Jolson

Little Pal - Davey Lee

Katharine Lane - Marian Nixon

Dr Robert Merrill - Holmes Herbert

Jolson Songs

Back In Your Own Backyard

I'm Ka-razy for You

Used To You

Little Pal

I'm in Seventh Heaven

Why Can't You ?

Memories of One Sweet Kiss

Reuniting Al with Davey Lee this movie was originally called Little Pal. Once again DeSylva, Brown and Henderson were asked to come up with a sentimental song for a little boy though Little Pal failed to repeat the success of Sonny Boy. 
Say It with Songs is suitable as entertainment only to immature personalities. (Mordaunt Hall)
Pretty much a remake of The Singing Fool (1928) with poorer songs, yes the plot is slightly different but the basic elements are the same.