Studio Warner Brothers
Running Time 110 minutes
Production June - August 1928
Release 19th September 1928
Director Lloyd Bacon
Screenplay C Graham Baker
Photography Byron Haskin
Major players

Al Stone - Al Jolson

Grace Farrell - Betty Bronson

Molly Winton - Josephine Dunn

Sonny Boy - Davey Lee

John Perry - Reed Howes

Jolson Songs

It All Depends On You

I'm Sittin' On Top of the World

The Spaniard That Blighted My Life

There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder

Golden Gate

Sonny Boy

Keep Smiling At Trouble


Like The Jazz Singer (1927) The Singing Fool (1928) was a part talkie. DeSylva, Brown and Henderson's Sonny Boy which they were initially ashamed of (they had poured every ounce of schmaltz they could possibly squeeze into one song) was a replacement for a song called Little Fella. It became a huge hit, the first million seller of the talkie era.


On the night of the premiere at the Winter Garden large silver tickets with a silhouette of Jolson sold for a top price of $11. The movie was a huge box office hit - only in 1939 did Gone with the Wind overtake it. 


Obvious and tedious as the climax is, when the black-faced comedian stands before the camera and sings Sonny Boy you know that  the man is greater somehow than the situation,the story or the movie. (Pare Lorentz)

The Singing Fool is overlong and is a very maudlin piece of drama though Jolson is in good form in the singing sequences.