Pre Broadway 1st - 2nd March 1912
Broadway 5th March - 29th June 1912 
Tour 1st September 1912 - 25th January 1913
Al's Songs

Snap Your Fingers


Waitin' For the Robert E Lee


This show introduced Jolson's blackface character Gus, a clever underdog who had a private joke with the audience.


It also saw the first use of the Winter Garden runway in a Jolson show.


Among the cast was a 21 year old called Fanny Brice.



The Shuberts may run the Winter Garden but Al Jolson owns it. That dandy performer does as he will with the audience, whether Sunday or on weekdays. He had to sing a few songs with his ad lib stuff, thrown in for good measure then close with the melodrama. (Sime : Variety,23rd March 1912)