Pre Broadway 3rd - 4th February 1913
Broadway 6th February - 14th June 1913
Tour 18th September 1913 - 30th May 1914 
Al's songs

The Spaniard That Blighted My Life

You Made Me Love You

Who Paid the Rent for Mrs Rip Van Winkle ?


The show was loosely based on a play called The Turtle about a divorce interrupted by a telegram saying the husband had inherited 4 million francs if he is married. 


Gaby Deslys remained the lead but Jolson's name was billed above hers and his part was constantly expanded.



Al Jolson is the real star. There wasn't half enough for him to do...But just at the end he had a Spanish song which aroused shrieks of laughter. The audience simply would not let him go ; even Gaby herself had to take a back seat on the piano stool - which she did with charming grace, by the way- while the audience made Mr. Jolson sing song after song. It's really a pleasure in these apathetic theatrical days to see an artist get such an ovation. And every bit of it was deserved. (Acton Davies, New York Evening Sun)