Pre Broadway 13th - 18th November 1911
Broadway 20th November 1911 - 29th February 1912 
Al's songs

Rum Tum Tiddle

That Haunting Melody


The show was set on a skating rink with Jolson as a waiter called Claude.


The nominal star was Gaby Deslys but Al stole the show.


19 year old Mae West was in the original cast but left after falling out with Gaby.


Al recorded his two big hits from the show Rum Tum Tiddle and That Haunting Melody for Victor in his first recording session on 22nd December 1911.


Reviews Jolson in the role of a coloured waiter....succeeded in rousing the audience into the first enthusiasm of the evening and kept them enthusiastic much of the time afterwards. (Adolph Klauber, New York Times)