Studio Warner Brothers
Running Time 84 minutes

13th November - 11th December 1933 (Goin' To Heaven on a Mule sequence - January 1934)

Release 28th February 1934
Director Lloyd Bacon
Screenplay Earl Baldwin
Choreographer Busby Berkeley
Music/Lyrics Harry Warren/ Al Dubin
Conductor Leo F Forbstein
Major players

Al Wonder - Al Jolson

Liane Renaud - Kay Francis

Inez - Dolores de Rio

Harry - Ricardo Cortez

Tommy - Dick Powell

Jolson Songs

Vive La France

Dark Eyes

Goin' To Heaven on a Mule

After the disappointment of Hallelujah I'm a Bum (1933) Al was back at Warner Brothers but only one of many stars in this film. It wasn't a happy shoot as the rest of the cast including Kay Francis and Dick Powell thought Al was hogging scenes. Jolson also had a personality clash with Ricardo Cortez. Jack Warner though was so impressed by the rushes he signed Al for three more pictures.

Romance, flash, dash,colour, songs,star studded talent and almost every known requisite to ensure sturdy attention and attendance. (Variety)  

Not Jolson's greatest hour on film, he is swamped here and only has a couple of songs one of which is the Goin' To Heaven On a Mule sequence which is dated and boring. The best thing about Wonder Bar is Busby Berkeley's routine to Don't Say Goodnight.